Videotour produces tourism video, documentaries, videoclips about hotels, places of interest and other touristic attractions for use in the Internet MV Mouvid Videotour Trading & Consulting GmbH
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Videotour Production
On the German version of this page you will find detailed information about our products and services.

About MV Mouvid Videotour Trading & Consulting GmbH
MV Videotour Trading & Consulting GmbH is an independent small production company based in Arlesheim near Basel in Switzerland. Founded in 1997 we have produced more than 30 travel videos and realised hotel and other company videos.

Videotour realises your video project. Our experience and optimized production processes guarantee for a fast realisation of your production at low cost.

Why a good video must not be expensive?
Digital techniques allow for cost reductions in production. Videotour can produce quality at low cost.

Videotour is specialised in tourism, but we can alos realise

  • Features and documentations about other themes
  • Industrial video

MV Videotour GmbH can provide the complete production of a video from the first concept up to the final product or we can just provide our services for some parts of it. In all cases we plan the project together. Geographically we can produce at competitive prices in Central Europe covering Switzerland, southern Germany, Eastern France, Northern Italy and the western part of Austria. If you only need some shots from Switzerland, Southern Germany, Eastern France, western Austria or Northern Italy we can also realise this at competitive prices. As a special service we offer Videotour Film Collection with many scenes showing touristic attractions, mountain railways, towns, villages and landscapes in Switzerland and Southern Germany.

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