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Videotour travel movies are available on DVD (most of them still also on VHS). Please find below a list of regions, where we caught the most beautiful pictures for you as a souvenir or to prepare your journey. You can click on the picture or on the map of Switzerland and southwest Germany.

Alpine passes
The alpine passes in Switzerland give acces to the most fascinating landscapes in the alps. Videotour has 8 video movies about the alpine passes and shows these landscapes the way you have seen them.
Bernese Oberland
The Bernese Oberland is one of the most favorite destinations in Switzerland. Videotour shows the most interesting attractions and the most beautiful views of this region.
At present Videotour offers three railway movies about the historic trains on the network of the Jura railways. We are preparing a movie about the landscape and touristic attractions in the Jura.
Lucerne Central Switzerland
Lucerne is the main tourism attraction of Central Switzerland. Three travel videos show the main points of interest: Lucerne and the lake of Lucerne, Lucerne - Interlaken - Jugfraujoch and Swiss Highlights: the most beautiful places in Switzerland
Four travel videos show Southern Switzerland with its beautiful landscapes, the typical atmosphere and its picturesque villages
Western Switzerland
Videotour is preparing a movie about the lakes of Neuchâtel, Biel and Murten also showing some of the most interesting excursions in this region like Avenches, Gruyère, Romont etc.
Switzerland general
Switzerland general: On this page we have we have grouped the travel videos showing the main attractions from different regional videos.
Southwest Germany
Videotour shows the most interesting landscapes and attractions of Southwest-Germany in six travel videos
Videotour travel videos are available about the regions marked in yellow. Please click on the region you are interested in
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