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Alpine passes>Susten-Gotthard-Nufenen-Grimsel Meiringen-Hasliberg, Aarecanyon - Grimsel-Furka-Susten - Grimsel-Nufenen-Leventina-Lukmanier-Oberalp - Gotthard-Lukmanier-Oberalp - The fascinating St. Gotthardpass - Swiss Highlights 3: The most beautiful alpine passes
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Susten-Gotthard-Nufenen-Grimsel Sustenpass, St. Gotthardpass, Nufenenpass, Rhone glacier, Grimselpass
The most beautiful pictures of an excursion crossing four alpine passes in one video:
Sustenpass: From Innertkirchen through the Gadmen-valley to the Steinglacier and through the Meiental valley to Wassen.
The view from the church of the village Wassen on the Reuss valley and on the gotthard railway. the nostalgic atmosphere in the main street of Göschenen
The road through the Schöllenen canyon with its steep rocks and crossing the famous devils bridge. The old houses in the village center of the historic Andermatt. The typical mountain village Hospental, where the road to the St. Gotthardpass begins. Passing through wild mountain landscapes like the Gams and the Alpe Rodont it reaches the summit. On the south side this video shows the view from the panoramic road as well as the old road through the Tremola canyon.
The Nufenenpass leads from Airolo through the Bedretto-valley to Ulrichen in the valley of the Rhone with fantastic views of the Gries glacier and the highest mountains of the Bernese Oberland. In Gletsch the movie shows the arrival of the steam rack railway of the DFB Dampfbahn Furka Bergstrecke and continues with a visit to the Rhone glacier with views from the road to the Furkapass, exclusive pictures from the glacier and the grotto in the glacier as well as the view from the Hotel Belvédère on the highest mountains of the walisian alps.
Grimselpass: From Gletsch to Innertkirchen with the panorama from the summit and the fantastic view from the barrage of the Lake Grimsel to the Lauteraarhorn and a visit to the typical mountain village Guttannen.
Duration: 45 min.
DVD-PAL with language versions English and German : Reference number MV 28211

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Also available as DVD-NTSC with english spoken comment for USA, Canada, most other countries in the Americas and Japan: Reference number MV 28411
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