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Bernese Oberland>Meiringen-Hasliberg, Aarecanyon Swiss Highlights 1: the most beautiful places in Switzerland - Swiss Highlights 2: The most beautiful places in the Bernese Oberland - The lakes of Thoune and Brienz - Swiss Highlights 3: The most beautiful alpine passes - Grimsel-Furka-Susten - Susten-Gotthard-Nufenen-Grimsel - Grimsel-Nufenen-Lukmanier-Oberalp
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Meiringen-Hasliberg, Aarecanyon Meiringen-Hasliberg, Canyon of the Aare
Around Meiringen-Hasliberg the most fantastic spectacles of nature are close to each other: This video begins with the historic village center of Meiringen and the rural Hasliberg. The steep peaks of the Wetterhorn and the ice masses of the Rosenlaui-glacier, the famous Reichenbach fall, where Sherlock Holmes vanished, the Brünig pass and well known destinations for trips like Sarnen, the places of pilgrimage Sachseln and Flüehli-Ranft. Exclusive and fascinating pictures show the vertical cliffs of the Aare canyon. Two main pass roads begin near Meiringen: the Sustenpass shown up to the Steingletscher and the Grimselpass shown up to the summit passing through the Hasli-valley with the typical mountain village Guttannen.
Duration: 30 min.
DVD-PAL with language versions English, German and Dutch: Reference number MV 27314

Price: EUR19,50, CHF 24,50
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Also available as DVD-NTSC with english spoken comment for USA, Canada, most other countries in the Americas and Japan: Reference number MV 27414
Price: EUR19,50, CHF 24,50
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